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When is Food Deemed To Be Adulterated?

Food adulteration can be defined as the intentional addition or substitution or abstraction of substances which adversely affect the nature, substance and quality of foods.

How to prevent food poisoning?

Food poisoning is defined as ‘ acute gastro-entities caused by ingestion of food or drink contaminated with bacteria, their toxins or chemicals, plant and animal poisons’.

Radioactive Contaminated Food

Ionizing radiation (X-rays, gamma rays, or beta particles with sufficient energy to strip electrons from molecules and produce ions) can produce birth defects, mutations, and cancer. These adverse health effects are usually associated with high dose levels delivered at high dose rates. Such a combination is not ordinarily encountered in food.

What are the causes of Food Spoilage?

Food spoilage refers to undesirable changes occurring in food due to the influence of air, heat, light, moisture, which foster the growth of microorganisms. Foods take different period of time to lose their natural form though spoilage.

7 popular commercial methods of Food Preservation

Commercial, the food preservation technique depicts the following processes: 1. Canning and Bottling 2. Machine Drying 3. Freeze drying 4. Cold storage 5. Pasteurization 6. Irradiation 7. Use of antibiotics.

How to preserve food at home?

All the methods of food preservation (household and commercial) can be broadly divided into two categories:

Notes on the essential Principles of food Preservation

By prevention or delay of purely chemical reactions food like fats and oils can turn rancid and become unfit to eat because of oxidation. This can be prevented by addition of small quantities of chemicals called ‘anti-oxidants’ which prevents the oxidation of fats.

What is the importance of food Preservation?

Some foods such as fruits and vegetables are available in some season and not in others. Other foods are more abundantly available in some season than in others.

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