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Useful information on rigid and flexible constitution

Useful information on rigid and flexible constitution. A rigid constitution is one which cannot be amended in the manner in which ordinary laws can be amended. There is always a special procedure for the amendment.

What is the difference between rigid and flexible constitution?

According to Bryce, the real basis of classifying constitutions lies in the procedure of constitutional amendment and distinction be­tween constitutional laws and ordinary laws. That classifies the consti­tution as rigid or flexible.

Short Paragraph on Rigid and Flexible Constitutions

A Rigid constitution is that which cannot be changed easily and a flexible constitution is that which can be amended without much difficulty. No constitution of Great Britain is flexible in nature, while that of the U.S.A quite rigid.

What is the advantage and disadvantage of Flexible Rate?

The advantage and disadvantage of Flexible Rate are: A flexible rate of exchange provides a greater scope in the formulation of fiscal and monetary policies by the authorities whereas critics of flexible rate say that it encourages speculative short term international flows of capital but discourage the flows of long-term investment capital.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Flexible Exchange Rates ?

Flexible exchange rate system is claimed to have the following advantages: Under flexible exchange rate system, a country is free to adopt an independent policy to conduct properly the domestic economic affairs. The monetary policy of a country is not limited or affected by the economic conditions of other countries.

What are the merits and demerits of Flexible and Unwritten Constitution?

Some of the most important merits and demerits of Flexible and Unwritten Constitution are : They are adaptable to the social political environment, which is dynamic. Thus British Constitution once wedded to the theory of Laissez Faire, today has adapted itself to the current sway in favor of Welfare State and socialism but an unwritten […]

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