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India is the world’s seventh largest producer of fish

India is the world’s seventh largest producer of fish. Though India has a long coastline of 7517 km including the coastlines of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and the Lakshadweep and a continental shelf spreading over 3 lakh square kilometers..

What is the recipe for cooking wonderful fish kabab?

Chop onions and ginger to small pieces. Add to fish along with salt and pepper. Cook till tender. Cook the channa dal with water. Cook dry. Grind to a fine paste the cooked fish, dal along with a bunch of coriander leaves.

Brief note on Transgenic fish

Transfection is achieved either by micro injection of the DNA construct in to egg cytoplasm or by electro poration. Microinjection is performed within few hours after fertilization. Transfected ova arte cultured in water where they hatch.

Major Carps have proved to be best culturable fish in India

Major carps have proved to be best culturable fish in India as: Carps feed on zoo and phytoplankton’s, decaying weeds debris and other aquatic plants. Carps can survive under somewhat higher temperatures and also in turbid water.

Brief note on Fresh water fish culture

For profitable fish culture, it is necessary to select, such species of fish, which can utilize the natural and artificial food to the maximum, extend and grow rapidly to a large size. Species that fulfill the following conditions can considered suitable for culture.

Write a brief note on Estuarine Fish

The estuaries and brackish water lakes are grouped into two types. Open estuaries, including the river mouths, lakes and backwaters, which are always connected with the sea, they may be perennial or seasonal.

Story of the Fish and the Cranes

One day, two cranes stood by a lake. The lake was full of big fish. It was the breeding season and a large number of fish had arrived to that part of the lake. The two cranes had seen a very big fish and they wanted to catch it. For a long time, they watched […]

Complete information on edible fresh water fishes of India

The species has the fastest rate of growth among the Indian major carps. In good nursery ponds, hatchlings of catla stocked at the rate of 1000000 to 1250000 per hectare, grow to a length of 20-25 mm in 15 days.

Write in brief the morphology of a bony fish

Body is spindle shaped. It is laterally compressed. The dorsal surface is dark gray coloured and belly is white in coulor. It grows upto 80 cm and weighs about 8 kilograms. The body is divisible into head, trunk and tail.

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