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Essential Points to Remember on United Nations Organization

Essential Points to Remember on United Nations Organization. It is with a view to bringing about peace and order in the world that the UJV.O. came into existence on 25th October, 1945 after termination of World War II.

8 essential facts your must know about Nationality

8 essential facts your must know about Nationality . The term nationality is derived from the Latin word ‘natus’ which means ‘born’. Some define it as a group of people belonging to a common facial origin.

5 important Facts about Kailash Temple

Kailash temple is situated at Ellora in the Maharashtra state. Besides the main temple, there is the double storeyed gateway which leads to the main Nandi shrine.

23 Useful facts about Intelligence

Intelligence is a complex capacity to profit from experiences and training, to adapt successfully to new situations, and to think abstractly using symbols and concepts the operational definition of intelligence is that intelligence is what intelligence tests test.

12 Useful facts about Motivation

Motivation refers to states within the organism that drive behaviour towards some goals. It has three aspects: (a) the driving state, (b) the behaviour aroused and directed by the driving state, and (c) the goal towards which the behaviour is directed.

15 Useful Psychological facts about Emotion

Emotion is the acute disturbance of the organism as a whole, psychological in origin involving behaviour, conscious experiences and visceral functions.

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