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How time period influences fixed and variable cost?

Time plays an important role in taking economic decisions for production. The distinction between fixed cost and variable cost is very much influenced by the time period. According to Marshall, there are three time periods.

How to write the electronic configuration of an element ?

The electronic configuration of an element is defined as follows: A stepwise distribution of electrons in different orbits (energy levels) of an atom is called its electronic configuration. To write the electric configuration of an element, one should proceed as follows.

What do you mean by the valence of an element ?

Each element has a definite electronic configuration. The electrons in the outermost shell of an atom are termed as its valence electrons. The valence electrons take part in the chemical reactions.

What is atomic mass (A) of an element ?

The average mass of an atom of an element is known as its atomic mass. Atomic mass of an element is designated as A. Since, atomic mass is actual mass, hence it has the unit of mass, viz, gram, kilogram, atomic mass unit, etc.

What do you mean by the term element ?

Elements are the basic constituents of all matter. An element is the simplest form of matter, which cannot split into simpler substances by any chemical or physical method.

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