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725 words article on Desertification and Droughts

Desertification has grave natural consequences; it makes land areas flood prone, prone to salination and results in deterioration of the quality of water, silting of rivers, etc.

How to predict for floods and Droughts ?

It is useful to consider these disaster phenomena together in the context of predictability because both floods and droughts are manifestations of the same weather element, viz., water. Floods occur due to excess of water whereas lack of water results in droughts.

How to forecast Droughts ?

Droughts are a slow developing and creeping process as against floods, which are quick and rapid.As already mentioned, it is basically the scarcity (or absence) of rains that initiates a drought situation.

How to give Warning of Droughts ?

As droughts develop slowly and are caused primarily by continuing deficiency in rainfall or other sources of water, the resulting situation needs to be watched and effective relief action is to be initiated as soon as sowing of seeds or standing crops begin to get affected.

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