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Notes on the advantages and disadvantages of School Complex

Notes on the advantages and disadvantages of School Complex. The linking of secondary schools and primary schools under this programme can break the isolation. All the schools under the scheme can work together for the common good.

What are the Disadvantages of Joint Family?

Joint Family has its disadvantages. The main defects of joint family are as follows: Joint family rests on collective responsibility. This sometimes accounts for laziness among some members.

Advantages and Disadvantages of State Control over Education

There are both advantages and disadvantages of state control over education which may be discussed as follow: 1. State provides adequate funds for expansion as well as qualitative improvement of education. Education will face economic difficulty in absence of the state support.

Notes on the advantages and disadvantages of Indian Legislature

Legislature are constituted on different principles of legislature composed of a single chamber is known as Unicameral legislature. Unicameral legislatures were popular in U.S.A and France in 18th century. The experience with unicameral legislature however was not a happy one. It created much of political instability, anarchy and violence.

Notes on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Median

It is very simple to understand and easy to calculate. In some cases it is obtained simply by inspection. In simple series, the item values have to be arranged. If the series contains large number of items, then the process becomes tedious.

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