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Leadership Styles

Leadership style means the pattern of behaviour a leader follows or adopts for influencing the followers or the subordinates working in the enterprise. What style of leadership a leader adopts depends on an array of factors such as his personality traits, value system and experience. Leadership style varies from person to person at the same point of time and may [...]

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Leadership is the ability to get people to do what you want them to do, because they want to do it. It stands for the relation between an individual and the group around some common interest and behaving in a manner directed by him or her. Thus, leadership is a personal quality through which the leader motivates, directs and guides [...]

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Leadership Theories

Leadership is the process of influencing the behavior and activities of an individual or a group for achieving common goals. Thus, the existence of a leader is very essential to guide, inspire and direct the activities of a group. Now, the question arises that how leaders are developed. Leadership remains one of the most important aspects of an organizational setting. [...]

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Directing in Management

Directing is a very difficult task of management compared to all other functions because it is concerned with the human aspect of management. When all other preparations have been completed, the management has to begin the working of the concern. Directing is the heart of management process. Planning, organising and staffing are merely preparations for doing the work and work [...]

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Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory of Motivation

Motivation may be defined as the process of stimulating people to action to accomplish desired goals. It involves arousing needs and desires in people to initiate and direct their behaviour in a purposive manner. According to Maslow, motivation is a psychological phenomenon which arises from the feeling of needs and wants of individuals. It causes goal directed behaviour. According to [...]

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