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Brief note on the process and kinds of digestion in mammals

With the entry of food into the alimentary canal, the salts and water are found absorbed in it. But other particles composing the food are so large that they cannot be absorbed directly. It is necessary to break down them to fine particles for diffusion. This process is called digestion and is brought about by […]

Explain the physiology of digestion in mammal/human being

The component of the normal diet includes carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water. Out of these constituents water, vitamins, minerals, free monosacharides and free amino acids can be absorbed interest of body absent such.

Complete information on the process of Protein Digestion in Mammal

Digestion is a hydrolytic process in which complex food materials are mechanically and enzymatically broken down into simpler soluble forms. Proteins are polymers of amino acid residues which are joined end to end by peptide bonds. Proteolytic enzymes break down the peptide bonds.

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