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Useful facts you must know about Democracy and Dictatorship

Useful facts you must know about Democracy and Dictatorship. Dictatorship is one man’s arbitrary rule. Democracy lays stress on the freedom of speech, press and association whereas dictatorship categorically denies these freedoms.

6 most important features of Dictatorship

6 most important features of Dictatorship. In dictatorship only one party is allowed to exist and it is the dictator’s own party. Other political parties, associations and organizations are not allowed to func­tion.

302 words short essay on dictatorship

Short essay on dictatorship. Dictatorship is distinct from monarchy. Monarchy and dictatorship each are one man’s autocratic rule. But a monarchy comes to power either because of his hereditary claims or through conquest.

Essay on Dictatorship vs. Democracy

Democracy in any country means the rule by elected representatives. It has been defined as the government “of the people, by the people, for the people”. Democracy rests on the principle of representation.

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