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Marketing Research Definition

Everything you need to know about the definitions of marketing research. Like the term marketing, marketing research evokes different images in different people’s minds. Some quote it with consumer interviews; some think of it as sales forecasting or sales analysis; to others it represents obtaining reactions to new product ideas or models. Different companies even […]

What do you mean by Denotative Definition?

A denotative definition explains the meaning of a term by identifying the things to which the term applies. A denotative definition of the phrase ‘the past prime ministers of India’ will consist of a complete list of persons who have been prime ministers of India in the past.

What do you mean by the term Definition?

A definition states the meaning of a term. Since meaning of an expression is explained by its definition, definitions provide a useful method of preventing or eliminating differences in the use of languages.

What is the definition of Ostensive?

An ostensive definition is a form of denotative definition. An ostensive definition is given by indicating the individuals, things or events to which the term applies. Ostensive definition explains the meaning of a word or phrase by pointing to what the word or phrase refers to.

Notes on the Meaning and Definition of Population Education

The greatest threat to mankind’s existence is from the unchecked multiplication of his own species, especially in the developing countries of Asia and Africa. The uneven distribution of population in the world has severely affected the fragile ecological balance in many countries.

How can money be defined?

It is very difficult to define money precisely which may cover all its functions. Various economists have defined money but no definition can be viewed as complete and appropriate. This led Prof Walker to say that money is what money does. But still some definition has to be worked out.

Brief note on the definition of Salesmanship

Salesmanship is the art of winning hearts of consumers to dispose the firm’ this products and services. It is the act of persuasion. It is the science of understanding the human instincts and paving the way to their fulfillment.

Complete information on the definition and elements of social structure

Social structure is the basic concept in sociology. Efforts have been made to define social structure but there is no unanimity of opinion. Herbert Spencer was the first man who discussed about social structure but he could not give a clear-cut definition of ‘social structure’. Durkheim also made a futile effort to define it.

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