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Short biography of Kamala Das

Kamala Das (1934-2009) is one of the foremost Indian writers writing in English. She was born at Punayurkulam in Keral. She writes both English and her mother tongue Malayallm.

Complete biography of Utkalmani Gopabandhu Das

Gopabandhu Das was popular known as “Utkalmani” or Gem of Utkal. He was a great Karmayogi and the proverb “Man lives in deeds, not in years” was the basic philosophy of his life. His life was dedicated to the cause of the suffering humanity.

Biography of Utkalamani Gopabandhu Das

Gopabandhu Das was a noted social worker in Orissa. He is also widely known as a famous poet. Apart from it he was a legislator and an editor too. He was very well known all over Orissa. He devoted himself to the service of the humanity. He was really an illustrious son of Orissa. He […]

Who was Gopabandhu Das ?

A law graduate, Gopabandhu Das initially worked as the headmaster of a school in Puri. Later he started his own legal practice. He founded an English-medium high school at Sakhigopal which attracted many future patriots.

Short Biography of C. R. Das

C. R. Das was born on November 5,1870 in Calcutta. Even while he was a student in London, he took active part in the electioneering campaign of Dadabhai Naoroji. Public atten­tion came his way when he brilliantly defended Aurobindo in the Alipur Bomb Conspiracy case in 1908.

Who is Jatindranath Das ?

Jatindranath joined the revolutionary movement after he became disillusioned with politics of the moder­ates. He was arrested on June 14, 1929 for his involvement in the Lahore Conspiracy Case.

Who is Nilakantha Das?

Nilakantha Das played a significant role during the Non- Cooperation Movement. In 1923, he joined the Swaraj Party.

Who is Purushottam Das Tandon?

A lawyer by profession, Purushottam Das joined the Non-Cooperation Movement and later the Civil Disobedience Movement in U. P. As a leader of the kisan movement, he organised a no-rent campaign.

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