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How to control the circumstances?

Do people shape events, or do events shape people? Are we ruled by and controlled by the stars and planets, the shapes of our bodies, the Lines on our palm, or are we the architects of our destiny? Is history the result of personal Endeavour?

Notes on the ten principles of disease control and prevention

Communicable diseases can be controlled and prevented by adequate measures which involve: 1. Diagnosis 2. Notification 3. Isolation 4. Treatment 5. Quarantine 6. Investigation 7. Disinfection 8. Blocking of transmission 9. Immunization 10. Health education.

Diseases transmitted by animals and their control

Animals live very close to men. In some cases humans and animals live under the same roof. Animals are bred for their milk, flesh etc., Also cattle are used for agricultural purposes. In addition, pet animals also are grown in houses.

Diseases transmitted through rodents and their control

Rodents include rats, bandicoots and mice which live in homes, agricultural fields and forests. Rodents are hazards to health. Also they cause damage to buildings, food stuffs and other materials. Rodents transmit diseases through:

How to control Cyclops from spreading around?

Cyclops is also known as water flea. It is a crustacean present in fresh water. It is very small measuring about 1mm in length. It has 1. a pear shaped semi-transparent body 2. a forked tail 3. two pairs of antennae 4. five pairs of legs 5. a small pigmented eye. The average life of […]

How to control mites from spreading around?

Mites (chiggers) resemble ticks in appearance. They have a body well demarcated into head, thorax and abdomen. They have 4 pairs of legs. The two important mites are: 1. trombiculid mite 2. itch mite.

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