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Profit: What are the important constituent of profit?

Profit: What are the important constituent of profit? Profit is a residual income. It is the income over and above the cost of production. Profits emerge as a reward for the function of an entrepreneur. An enterprise worthy of getting.

Paragraph on Constituent Assembly of India

The Constituent Assembly of India, which had its first meeting in 1st December 1946, now reassembled in 14 August 1947 and started the process of framing a new constitution for India on the basis of complete independence.

Is electron an essential constituent of all matter ?

In the absence of any electrical or magnetic field, the cathode rays strike the fluorescent screen at point Those, and can be seen as a bright spot there. When a high electric field is applied across the plates P1 and P2 the spot only the screen moves towards the positively charged plate.

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