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What are the consequences of over nutrition?

Over-consumption of calories or vitamins and minerals can result in ever-nutrition. Toxicosis is a form of over-nutrition which is related to the over-consumption of vitamins and minerals.

5 evil consequences of Casteism in Rural Society

Casteism is very harmful for both the individual and the society. Though it is very beneficial for only a few persons, yet it stands as a constant enemy against the development of the nation. It hinders the entire progress of the country at large. The more evil effects of casteism are as follows.

What are the Effects and Consequences of Indebtedness?

Some of the major consequences of the rural in deftness are: 1) Deterioration in agriculture 2) Slavery and bonded labour 3) Low standard of health of the framers 4) Poverty 5) Psychological frustration.

5 consequences of failure of redistribution of land in India

The failure of land redistribution programme resulted in an inequitable distribution of land in the village economy and accentuated the gap between the rich and the poor. The following are the consequence of such a failure.

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