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Marketing Concept

Marketing concept is customer orientation backed by integrated marketing aimed at generating customer satisfaction as the key to satisfying organisational goals”. “The marketing concept is a corporate state of – mind that insists on the integration and co-ordination of all marketing functions, which in turn are welded with all the other corporate functions, for the […]

10 most essential concepts of national income explained

10 most essential concepts of national income explained. National income is the sum total of wages, rent, interest, and profit earned by the factors of production of a country in a year. Thus it is the aggregate values of goods and services rendered…

Understanding the five different concepts of management

Understanding the five different concepts of management . Quite often the term management is used to refer to both the persons who occupy managerial positions as well as to the activities which managers perform.

What are Schumacher’s Concepts about a Sustainable City?

E. F. Schumacher, in his Briefing, has propounded three concepts about a sustainable city. These three concepts are appropriate scale, wholeness and connectedness. Under appropriate scale he says that our settlements can and should be organized in such a way that we, as individual citizens, feel that we have a stake in the decisions that […]

Essay on the Basic concepts of Rural Sociology

Every science has certain basic concepts. Thus is true of sociology and also Rural Sociology. These concepts are used in study and analysis of various problems that from the subject matter of sociology.

Notes on the concepts and definitions of Social Welfare in India

The terms social welfare is often confused with social service, social reform, social work and social security, and all these term are often used as synonyms. For a correct picture of the terminologies, let us go through the following definitions.

What are the species and species concepts?

Species is the fundamental biological unit of classification. John Ray, an English naturalist coined the term species. Taxonomist defined species as a group of individuals that resemble each other in most of their visible characters or morphological characters. This concept is not applicable to some animals. E.g. Males of some birds are colourful with beautiful […]

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