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What is the difference between compounds and mixtures?

Compounds are pure substances whereas mixtures are impure substances. The constituents of a compound are present in a fixed ratio but mixture are are made up of two or more substances mixed physically.

How are the covalent compounds formed ?

Covalent compounds are formed by the mutual sharing of electrons by the combining atoms. Formation of some typical covalent compound is described below:

What are the effects of lead compounds ?

Petro/diesel used in automobiles contains tetraethyl lead, (C2H5)4Pb. Tetraethyl lead acts as an anti-knocking agent. Anti-knocking agent such as, tetraethyl lead is added to petrol/diesel to make its combustion smoother.

What are the essential characteristics of ionic compounds ?

Some important characteristics of ionic (or electrovalent) compounds are :- Ionic (or electrovalent) compounds have relatively high density. In ionic  compounds, the ions are closely packed. This decreases the volume of the system, and as a result density is high.

What are the characteristics of Ionic compounds ?

When there is a transfer of electrons from one atom to another either by gain or loss of electrons an ionic or electrovalent bond is formed. An ionic bond is a bond between ions with opposite charges.

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