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Short essay on the Composition of Foreign Trade

Short essay on the Composition of Foreign Trade. Decline in imports of food grains and consumer goods due to adoption of HYV technology in Indian agriculture and growth of consumer durables producing industrial units in the country.

What is the composition of Lipids?

The term ‘lipid’ includes fats, fat like substances and oils. These substances as a class are insoluble in water but are soluble in organic solvents like ether, alcohol and benzene.

Complete information on the composition and functions of blood

Blood is known as fluid connective tissue. Its fluid matrix is the plasma in which blood cells or corpuscles float freely and are carried on alongwith bloodstream. Its color is red and it is slightly alkaline having pH 7.3 to 7.5. In an adult man about 6-7 litres of blood is present.

Useful information on the functions and composition of blood

Blood is a liquid tissue that circulates in a closed system of blood vessels. Total volume of blood in human body is 5.4 liters. In man, it may be 85 ml/kg body weight. The specific gravity of blood varies between 1.05-1.06.

What is the composition of air ?

Air is one of the most important natural resources. Air is necessary for all living organisms for their respiratory process. The organisms which live on the land (called terrestrial organisms) get oxygen needed for respiration from the air. A healthy man breaths 22000 times a day and takes in about 16 kg of air.

What is the composition of Petroleum?

Petroleum is also called rock oil (Petra=rock, oleum=oil). It is a dark colored oily liquid, which occurs at various depths below the surface of the earth. The oil wells are generally called mineral oil or crude oil.

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