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How to Write Complaint Letter to Railway about Lost Luggage?

Learn the art of writing amazing compliant letter to the railway authority about lost of luggage. Being with “I myself saw it being labeled and put in the brake van which was booked vide receipt No.R/ 54321. But at Mumbai Central it was missing.”

How to write Complaint Letter for Faulty Repairs?

I regret to inform you that despite your recent repairs my television set’s reception is very poor. It is, therefore, requested that you check up the set properly and remove the fault. I think I do not have to pay for the repairs as the set is still under guarantee.

How to write Complaint Letter to a Neighbor?

May I draw your attention to the nuisance caused by your dog? Whenever any of our family members passes by your house, it barks quite fiercely. My younger son is particularly afraid of it. So, may I request you to keep a check on it?

How to write Complaint Letters about Defective Goods?

Learn the secret art of writing powerful complaint letters about defective Goods. Begin with “This is to inform you that the refrigerator I bought from your agent here about six months back does not cool to the required degree.”

How to write Complaint letter against Pavement Encroachment?

Who else wants to learn the art of writing phenomenal complaint letters against Pavement Encroachment? This is to complain to you against the encroachment of the footpath by a tea-shop owner in front of my house. It is requested to issue instructions for removal of all unauthorised occupation in public places.

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