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7 most important differences between society and community

Society is a web of social relationships. It includes every relationship which established among the people. This social relationship may be direct or India organised or unorganized, conscious or unconscious. But community consists group of individuals.

What are the essential elements of Community ?

A community always occupies a definite geographical area. Locality is the physical .basis of community. Without a definite locality, social relations between human beings cannot be established and the ‘we’ feeling cannot evolve.

What do you mean by Community ?

Man cannot live alone. He is related in many ways to his fellows to form a group. But it is not possible for man to become the member of all groups. He establishes relations only with those people who reside near him in a definite locality.

486 words essay on Community Development

Rural reconstruction may be said to have a material, intellectual and a moral aspect. Materially it implies improving health of the rural communities and arising their living standards. The intellectual aspect contemplates the need for better educational facilities.

Brief note on Community Health in India

Community health is defined more broadly and encompasses the entire gamut of community-organized efforts for maintaining, protecting and improving the health of the people. It involves motivation of the individual and groups to change the pattern of behavior.

Write a brief note on the meaning of community psychology

This branch is concerned with the application of psychological principles for solving the social problems arising in community life. Unhealthy relationships among the different groups in a community, and frustrations resulting from unemployment etc.

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