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What do you mean by the word ‘Communication’?

What do you mean by the word ‘Communication’? Communication has many different meanings. At one extreme a narrow sense is limited to the media of information; only, at the other, a very wide meaning embraces..

How to improve communication skills of any person?

How to improve communication skills of kids, children’s, students, teachers and employees?  The perception a person has of himself as a sender and a receiver in a communication system determines his effectiveness as a communicator.

Essay on the art of Communication

Command over English language or any other language al not enough. You need to exude confidence and forgo your ego; humility is the hallmark of real greatness.

Downward Communication and Upward Communication

The means by which information is conveyed from one place to another or from one operation to another is called communication. The word communication goes beyond of the word speaking and writing and it includes all aspects of verbal, unspoken and unwritten communication.

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