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Essay on the Classification of Indian Forest Types

Essay on the Classification of Indian Forest Types. They are divided into 4 groups and each group is further sub-divided into sub­groups which in turn are further splits into formations and associations.

Short essay on classification of Computers

Short essay on classification of Computers. On the basis of kind of data processed, processing capabilities and kind of operations, computers are mainly of two types, i.e., Analog Computer and Digital Computer.

Useful facts on Aristotle’s classification of states

Though the classification given by Aristotle does not fit in the modem conditions, yet it has emphasized the ethical element in judging a state. The purpose of the state, whatever its forms be, is the common good.

Key notes on the Classification of Inference

Inference is a sequence of propositions where one of the propositions is identified as the conclusion and the rest of the propositions are called premises such that premises justify or support the truth of the conclusion.

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