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745 words essay on Abuse of Indian Child

Free sample essay on Abuse of Indian Child. There has been open abuse of children in a number of ways in India. Girls in early teens in Hyderabad are married to Sheikhs from Arab countries. It went to such an extent that the Waqf Board had to ask the Moulvis..

1247 words free essay on Child labour in India

1247 words free essay on Child labour in India. Childhood is the most innocent phase in human life. It is that stage of life when the human foundations are laid for a successful adult life.

917 words essay on Girl child in India

917 words essay on Girl child in India. At least in India, the girl child has been a topic of discussions and debates for the past several decades but, even today..

Essay on An Autobiography of a Handicapped Child

Essay on An Autobiography of a Handicapped Child. Childhood is the most precious time of a human being’s life when one is carefree, innocent, plays to his heart’s content, studies and is pampered and loved.

The Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS)

It is basically a child welfare scheme. This was suggested by Planning Commission to make available a package of essential services with a larger overall impact than the services available independently. Its aims are:

Controversial essay on Child labor in India

It is indeed unfortunate, that we find children being forced to work, to make out a living. Thus the hands that should be used for study or play are used for hard manual work.

Role of Education in Growth and Development of a Child

Education is the potential instrument of a person’s mental and moral make-up. The history of civilization bears testimony to the facts that man a wild animal, has built a glorious heritage of culture, art, science, philosophy and religion.

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