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What are the factors responsible for casteism in Rural Society?

Casteism is a peculiar evil of Rural India. It is closely connected with the Caste System. Therefore, casteism is basically old rural problem and it exists only due to the one sides or particle loyalty in favour of a particular caste.

5 evil consequences of Casteism in Rural Society

Casteism is very harmful for both the individual and the society. Though it is very beneficial for only a few persons, yet it stands as a constant enemy against the development of the nation. It hinders the entire progress of the country at large. The more evil effects of casteism are as follows.

5 measures for the eradication of casteism in India

According to P.H.Prabhu, casteism can be eliminated if new attitudes in the minds of people are developed. The cinema and other mass media can do much towards the creation of these attitudes, besides the following are the main suggestions for the removal of casteism.

Challenges before Communalism and Casteism

The challenges before Challenges before Communalism and Casteism are as follows: Education is the cure of all evils. It develops a scientific, rational and liberal outlook among the people and slowly they come to know the great harm done by casteism and untouchability and they give up these evils habits.

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