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Free essay on the Caste System in India

Free essay on the Caste System in India. Caste system in Hindu society in India has reached a stage that there is an apprehension of disintegration of the society.

Short essay on Caste System in Ancient India

The ancient Indian’ Society was based upon vernal and ashrams, a fourfold classification of the entire people into Varnas and a fourfold division of the life of each individuals into ashrams (stages).

Bring out the distinction between caste and class

Following are the important distinction between caste and class. In the first place, while stratification in a caste society is based on birth. It is based on wealth in a class society.

What are the demerits of Caste System?

Caste System discharges many dysfunctions. These are known as demerits of disadvantages of Caste system. These are discussed below.

Essay on certain changes found in our Caste System

Caste System and its existence: the caste system although it beginning in very early years of the Indian history, it has continued through all these ages. Certain things have brought about certain changes in the Caste System.

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