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Fringe Benefits

Fringe benefits refer to those benefits and services that are extended by the employer to his/her employees over and above their wages and salaries, such as housing, transportation, subsidized meals, medical care, paid holidays, and the like. According to D. Belcher, “Fringe benefits are any wage cost not directly connected with the employees’ productive effort, […]

Types of Employee Benefits

Everything you need to know about the types of employee benefits. Employers can offer a wide variety of benefits to their employees. Benefits are designed to help employees meet basic needs they might not otherwise be able to meet on their own. For instance, the high cost of health insurance is often offset by employer […]

Short essay on the benefits of Early rising

Free sample essay on the benefits of Early rising. Early rising used to be extolled by our grandfathers as if it were in itself a virtue. Young people were exhorted to get up with, or even before the sunrise and sleeping late were condemned as a vice.

What are the true benefits of Meditation?

Meditation is attracting people in a big way these days. People often ask about the benefits of meditation. “What Are? we going to gain in meditation? Does meditation give us wealth and prosperity, besides peace of mind?”

9 effective ways in which emotion helps a person

Emotional behaviour involves both physiological and psychological activities. Any emotion consists of both mental and cognitive components and physiological responses. Emotion helps persons in the following ways.

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