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What are the various bases of departmentation in an office ?

The process by which the activities of an enterprise are grouped homogenously into different groups. Departmentation is an important process of office management. This is otherwise termed as divisionalisation because it divides the organization into different divisions or groups.

What are the uses of Bases?

Some of the important uses of bases are : Sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) is used in the manufacture of soap. It is used in petroleum-refining; in making medicines, paper, pulp, etc, it is used in making rayon, Alkalis are used in alkaline batteries. Generally, potassium hydroxide is used in such batteries and etc.

What are the properties of Bases and Alkalis?

Some of the essential properties of Bases and Alkalis are 1. Bases are bitter to taste and soapy to touch. 2. Bases turn red litmus paper blue. and 3. Bases are characterised by the presence of hydroxyl (-OH) group.

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