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Short essay on Nationalization of banks in India

Nationalization of banks in India generated a controversy which was meaningless. In fact the public deposits in the banks have increased so much that it is unsafe to leave them in the private hands.

Short essay on Banks in Indian Villages

Rural banks will definitely encourage savings. It is not the proper time to mop up the rural surplus. No doubt villages do not have to pay income tax and they get many other concessions, yet their saving is not significant.

Brief note on Commercial Banks of India

Commercial banking is the most important part of modern banking set up. These days, the function of commercial banks are confined not only to advancing loans to the public and accepting their deposits, their contribution in accelerating the rate of economic development in under-developed and developing countries like that of India is very effective.

Significance of commercial banks in modern economic life

Banks have become an essential part of economic life in every field. The development of agriculture and industry are not possible without banks. Modern trade also cannot be thought of without commercial banks.

Write a brief note on the term credit creation by Banks

The banks add to the aggregate means of payments available to the market. The contribution of banks to money supply is in the form of bank deposits. Broadly speaking, these deposits may be divided into two categories, namely cash deposits and credit deposits.

What are the functions of Commercial Banks?

In the modern world, banks perform such a variety of functions that it is not possible to make an all-inclusive list of their functions and services. However, some basic functions performed by the banks are discussed below.

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