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6 safety measures for avoiding fire in your home

Fires can cause damage to life and property. Fires are mostly caused by carelessness. People are in a hurry and neglect to take necessary precautions for prevention of fires.

11 home safety measures for avoiding accidental falls

A large number of accidents occur in homes, such as falls, fire, suffocation, cuts, injuries and poisoning. Amongst very young people, accidents are mainly due to lack of knowledge, experience and skills.

5 essential safety measures for avoiding Epidemics

Epidemics affect large number of persons in a community when favourable conditions are present for the spread of an epidemic. If one understands the basic principles of epidemiology, these epidemics can be prevented by adopting certain safety measures.

How to avoid nutrient losses while precooking and cooking processes ?

Some of the way to avoid Nutrient losses due to improper precooking and cooking processes are- Washing the pulses and rice repeatedly may remove up to 40 per cent of the original water soluble B-vitamins such as thiamine and niacin. It may also result in loss of some materials present in them.

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