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Notes on Unique Identification Authority Of India

Free essay and notes on Unique Identification Authority Of India. The Unique Identity (UID) cards would be given to every individual above 15 years, including NRIs and foreigners.

Notes on the types of family on the basis of authority

In this family the power and authority is vested in the hands of the male member of the family. In other words the patriarch or father is the; center of power and authority. He is the owner and administrator of the family property and right.

What are the sources of authority in an office ?

Authority means the right to command, to take decision and to guide the action of others. Different managerial level executive must be given authorities to discharge their function efficiently.

What is acceptance theory of authority in an Office ?

According to acceptance theory of authority, authority arises only when the orders are accepted by the subordinates. Authority flows to manager through acceptance of his orders by the subordinates.

What is formal authority?

The right to acquire action of others is known as authority. There are various types of authority like formal authority, acceptance authority, authority by situation, positional authority and technical authority.

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