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Write a brief note on Cognitive Approach of Psychology

This approach focuses on how people know, understand, and think about their world, and how their thoughts influence their behaviors. The proponents of this approach believe that people do not respond to the external events, but to their interpretation of those events.

Write a brief note on Humanistic Approach of Psychology

This approach suggests that people are basically good and potential enough to make decisions about their lives and control their behaviors. Humanists reject the view that behavior is determined largely by biological functioning, or by unconscious processes, or by the environmental factors.

What a Pre-Approach Comprises of in salesmanship?

Really, what a pre-approach includes? The detailed information gathered in pre-approach differs from sale to sale. If the salesman is selling to an individual, his investigation confines to a person as a prospect.

What is the real meaning of Approach in salesmanship ?

Approach is an essential adjunct of pre-approach. It is the extended part of pre-approach. ‘Approach’ means meeting the prospect in person by the salesman. It is coming in to direct contact with the prospects.

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