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1310 words essay on Man is a social animal

Free sample Essay on Man is a social animal. Thus society is made by man and he is more real than his creation. On the other hand, according to the organic theory, society is an organic.

What are the sources of vegetable and animal protein?

This group comprises food stuffs which contain mostly proteins, but in widely varying amounts. Animal foods, such as meat, fish and eggs are rich sources of protein. Among the vegetable foods, pulses and huts are the richest sources of protein with amounts often exceeding those present in animal foods.

Why man is called as a social animal ?

Society is indispensable for man. Man cannot live as man, without society. Isolation from society is regarded as a punishment. Solitary life is unbearable for him. Social life is necessary for man.

Short Essay on Animal Husbandry

Animal husbandry is the art of rearing animals for getting milk, skin, hides and horns and using them on the farms for agricultural purposes.

Essay on Man is a Tool-using Animal

Man is an animal; but he is the only animal that has invented and can use tools. Other animals can use only the weapons or tools with which they have been provided by nature, and which are parts of their bodies, such as teeth, claws, stings, legs, wings, fins.

1333 words essay on Man is a social animal

Traditionally, there have been two answers to the problem of the relationship between the individual and his society. One is the social contract theory and the other is the organic theory, which we have already discussed in detail.

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