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Tests for master’s Courses in American Universities

Most American colleges and uni­versities require all applicants to take one or more academic en­trance examinations, in addition to TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). Two-year community col­leges usually require only TOEFL.

Admission requirement for studying in American universities

Unlike in most Asian countries, admissions are not rigidly based on cut-off percentages in high school grades. Owing to large population in those countries, Asian students are used to a method of elimination rather than selection whether it be admission into school or being selected for a professional college.

Write a short note on The American Revolution

The American Revolution was the first-ever organized movement in the world where people asserted the right to rule themselves. The revolution involved the English government and the thirteen colonies of North America. The people who had settled these colonies had originally come from England.

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