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What are the harmful Effects of Air Pollution?

Air pollution affects men, animals, plants, forests, materials and also has a profound adverse effect on atmosphere. It is detrimental to human health causing major respiratory disorders. Hay fever, asthma and bronchitis are caused due to air pollution.

Short paragraph on Air Transport system available in India

Short paragraph on Air Transport system available in India. Air transport of India is divided into two types. These are Military Aviation and Civil Aviation. Military Aviation takes the responsibility of transportation of military personnel and defence equipment.

707 words essay on Air Pollution

Free sample essay on Air Pollution for kids, school and college students. Scientific development in developed countries has gone as fast as population growth in underdeveloped countries. The two factors are equally responsible for pollution of different kinds.

6 most important things you must know about air

Air is a mechanical mixture of gases. It contains Nitrogen – 78.1%, Oxygen – 20.93%, Carbon dioxide – 0.03%. It also contains trace amounts of other gases, ammonia and water vapor.

What are the diseases caused by Impure Air?

Headache, faintness, sickness, vomiting and diarrhea are often caused by the foul air of rooms, public halls, theatres and other overcrowded and badly ventilated buildings People who constantly live under such conditions suffer from loss of appetite, sleeplessness, low spirits and general bad health.

Essay on an journey by air

How many people have the good fortune to travel by plane? I was one of the fortunate few. My first flight in the air was the most exciting experience in my life.

Essay on the conquest of the Air

It is out of the impulse that the desire to conquer the air and fly like birds arose in the human mind. Poets imagined this. The puspakarath of Ravana, the wings of Deadalus,-all these are imaginative efforts on the part of poets to ride the spaces.

Write a Brief note on the main functions of Air Bladder in mammals

The air bladders are more or less sac like structure lying between the alimentary canal and the kidneys and contain a mixture of carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen. Generally, the gas bladder opens into oesophagus and it is present in all the osteichthyes, except a few.

What are the various methods used for controlling Air Quality Standards?

Air quality standards are prescribed by Central Pollution Control Board. There are three types of standards: Emission standards, which limit the emission of pollutants from a source; stock emission standard are the maximum tolerable level of a pollutant that are permitted to escape the chimney of an industry or the stack of a thermal power […]

What are the various methods for Air Quality Control?

The control of air quality implies limiting the emission of pollutant. The conventional approach is usually called ‘end of the pipe approach’ which takes for granted the emissions coming out from the source and a suitable equipment is then designed and installed to meet the pollutant emission standards.

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