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Essay on the Crisis of Indian Agriculture

Free Essay on the Crisis of Indian Agriculture. Indian is an agricultural country. Even while India’s industrial and services sectors are growing by leaps and bounds and where growth rate of agriculture as below 2% the fact remains that India still lives in villages.

1430 words essay on Agriculture in India

India is a land of agriculture. This is what we read in our geography books when we were children and this is what we say now, grownups we are. Not that we have not progressed industrially in these forty years after inde­pendence.

7 main features of Indian Agriculture

The main features of Indian agriculture observed after independence are as follows: 1. Large areas have been brought under irrigation. 2. Use of fertilizers and pesticides has been increased.

Notes on the different types of Agriculture followed in India

In India the following types of farming are practiced: In shifting agriculture, land is obtained by cleaning forest and agriculture is practiced till the fertility of the farm is exhausted. After this another farm is cleared and agriculture is practiced on it.

Six characteristic Features of Indian Agriculture

The average size of agricultural holdings is still very small and uneconomical to cultivate the national average being around 1.69 hectares. Because of these uneconomic holdings, there is a great hindrance to the developmental programme of agriculture.

186 words Paragraph on Sustainable Agriculture

The available natural resources in a country determine its socio-economic strength. Technological knowhow and economic determinism enhance the resource use capability of the country for development.

Essay on Indian Agriculture and Its Problems

India is largely an agricultural country. Eighty per cent of her vast populations live, directly or indirectly, on income derived from agriculture. But to say that India lives by agriculture does not mean that India is agriculturally advanced.

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