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3 advantages and disadvantages of using Bin cards

There would be less chances of mistakes being made as entries will be made at the same time as goods are received or issued by the person actually handling the materials. Store records are dispersed over a wide area.

11 advantages of a good cost accounting system

Important advantages of a Cost Accounting System may be listed as below : A good Cost Accounting System helps in identifying unprofitable activities, losses or inefficiencies in any form.

7 major advantages of salesmanship

Good salesmanship ultimately leads to the economic development and progress of a country and to the general rise in the standard of living. When sales are good, industry, trade and commerce prosper and the country as a whole gets benefit.

5 essential advantages of salesmanship

Salesmanship is the art of selling product or services. It is the art of convincing customers to buy a certain product or service. In the competitive modern day world the importance and utility of salesmanship has been increasing day by day.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of division of labor?

By division of labor we mean an arrangement where by people perform different functions at the same time. Though the term, ‘Division of labor’ is applied in the field of economics, yet infact division of labor in modern society is not limited simply to labor but applies to all the factors of production and exists […]

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