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How to prepare an action research project in school?

How to prepare an action research project in school? A teacher should select a problem in which he is really interested. He must feel the need of probing into it because of his experiences in the field.

Essay on the importance of action

There are some people in society who talk much more than they should. They are always ready to offer suggestions, advice and recommendations even when they are not asked to.

Everything you ought to know about the river Ganga Action Plan

Ganga the holiest of the rivers of India, has served as the cradle of Indian Civilization. Several major pilgrim centers have flourished on its banks for centuries and millions of people come to bath in the river during various religious festivals.

Write a brief note on the National Action Plan, 1992

National Action Plan for Tourism was presented to the Parliament in May 1992. It outlined the importance of the industry in the global context and in the national context, its effect on employment generation, foreign exchange earnings etc.

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