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What are the methods used for acid fast staining?

It is done by Zeal Nelson’s method. It is based on the fact that after staining with aniline dyes, tubercle bacilli resist discolor- station with acids. It consists of 3 steps.

What is the function of Folic acid?

‘Folacin’ is the generic term used for folic acid. It is necessary for normal blood formation (hemtopoiesis). It stimulates the formation of red blood cells in the bone marrow and also the formation of white blood corpuscles.

What is the difference between Amino Acid and Nucleic Acid?

The difference between Amino Acid and Nucleic Acid are Amino acid are composed of one carboxyl group and one or more amino groups whereas Nucleic acid are composed of pentose, sugar, nitrogenous base and phosphate group.

Write a short note on Amino acid

Amino acids are building blocks of all proteins. These are compounds of both acids and amines. There are twenty-two different amino acids. Each amino acid contains at least one carboxyl (-COOH) group and ore amino (NH2) group.

What do you mean by Nucleic acid ?

Nucleic acids are macromolecules composed of many (polymers) small sub-units called nucleotides. There are two types of nucleic acids i.e. DNA (deoxyribonucleic Acid) and RNA (Ribo nucleic Acid). They are the chemical constituents of the chromosomes. These nucleic acids were first discovered by a Swiss biochemist Friedrich Meischer in 1871.

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