Write the summary of the story The Death of a Hero


The principal of a private school asked Mr. Tagde to sit down and not to say anything more than the contents of the report he had already placed before him. Mr. Principal Deshpande said that the boy committed any misdeed was just delinquency and a good teacher like Tagde should not charge the boy with serious steps. He advised Tagde to withdraw the report.

Mr. Tagde was disciplinarian teacher whose class was always disrupted by a boy named Veerendra, the son of a petty politician who was about to stand for election and was a member of the school managing committee. According to the principal, if the report against Veerendra was placed before the school committee meeting the result might be serious. His recommendation was priority required for the report to be placed before the committee.

Mr. Tagde repeatedly demanded the rustication of Veerendra because he was an unruly boy who was repeatedly disturbing the other boys and girls who had also raised their voice against Veerendra. Veerendra had broken many windowpanes, glasses scratched blackboards, and benches. His blunder could not be tolerated and considered as boyish pranks.


Tadge was a short, thin man of old age only three years away from his retirement, was very strict and rational. The principal had known him since his service in the school. His children had been well setup and had no fear of losing his job. He frankly said that he would send the report to the editor of a newspaper if the committee did not consider the matter. The principal became so serious over the report and expressed his inability to recommend the report. At last, Mr. Tagde came back home with mental tension.

Mr. Tagde made up his mind to face the consequence. Then he met Mr. Thakar, the lawyer who had been sent by the principal. He requested Mr. Tagde to consider the report and kindly withdraw the report otherwise; he would be dismissed from the school. But Mr. Tagde said that he could make his living by tuitions if he was dismissed. Mr. Thakar could not mould Tagde and then Vishnupant Joshi tried to calm down Mr. Tagde but in vain. Mr. Tagde proudly said that a father should not try to spoil the life of his undeserving son who must be punished. But the petty politician Mr. Joshi failed to persuade Mr. Tagde and requested him to reconsider the matter before placing before the school committee meeting. But Mr. Tagde said that he was ready to resign and go away unless the report was properly considered. Tagde requested Mr. Joshi not to try to threaten him.

On next Wednesday night while Mr. Tagde was returning home from a visit to the public lavatory, he was attacked by a group of boys headed by Veerendra who was heard crying out to teach a lesson to the old master. They beat him with stone, stick and fists. The next day Mr. Tagde was in bed groaning with pain. Previously his wife had requested him to be away from placing the report. She had told him that if anything happened to him she would be helpless and no one would come to help her.

When Mr. Tagde was coming home, bleeding his neighbours had seen but none of them came to meet him. He felt utter frustration. He felt a kind of exaltation and thought God had given him chance to stand alone for truth and freedom. He had no fear to face any consequence.


Then, in the evening, Mr. Thakar came to meet Mr. Tagde who was lying on the bed. Thakar said that he had brought good news for Tagde. When Tagde wanted to know the news, Mr. Thakar said that Veerendra parents had finally decided to take Veerendra away from school to admit in a boarding school. Because his audacity was going beyond control and the news of his beating the teacher was spread far and wide and family reputation started to fail.

Then, Mr. Tagde felt some kind of mental victory and his grief started to fade away. He became f hero for his fighting against the corruption that was found in many of the private schools managed by petty politicians whose children were causing troubles.

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