Mr. Shamnath has invited his boss to the dinner. He wants to present an aristocratic and sophisticated appearance of his house. He and his wife are busy in arranging all things in order. They arrange chairs, tables, side-tables, napkins, flowers on the verandah. A bar is improvised in the drawing room. They turn their attention to other odd things of the house. They decide to push them either behind the admiral or inside the bedstead.

Shamnath is a stickler. He sees all things to be properly arranged. For example, he sees the pegs on the wall to be fixed at a proper place. But his mother is a problem for him. He treats her as an odd thing. He does not want her to be seen by his boss. He directs her to put on white kameez and salwar and sit on a chair on the verandah. He also directs her not to sleep and snore. Thus, the furniture and fixtures of the house are arranged.