The writer wants to present a contrast between two generations namely one represented by the mother and another by the son. The writer wants to project a parallel picture of two sets of values through Shamnath and his mother.

Therefore, he is not interested to present a full portrait of Mrs. Shamnath. She has nothing to contribute to the development of plot.

Mrs. Shamnath is joining the work of arrangement and cleaning undertaken by her husband. She has no regard for her mother-in- law. She also treats her as an unnecessary object, an odd thing of the house. She prevents her mother-in-law from going to her brother because she wants to show up herself among her friends. This suggests that she is full of vanity. Mrs. Shamnath does not want her mother-in-law to stay at home at the time of the arrival of the guests. She wants then the mother should stay in the neighborhood at night. On the other hand, she deals with Memsahib very friendly. It is another instance of her artificiality. But, the central focus of the story turns on the mother and not on Mrs. Shamnath. She remains as a passive character in the story.