There lived a farmer in the village. He had five sons. They were all idlers and never helped their father.

They always quarreled among them­selves. The father was very much sad and worried. He tried his level best to mend their habits but all in vain. Once he was taken ill.

He called his sons. All of them reached there. He asked them to sit down and listen to him carefully.

The old father said, “My dear sons, I am weak and ill. I may die any moment. There is a lot of money hidden in our fields but I have forgotten where I had buried it. Dig that treasure out after my death.”


The farmer died after two days. The sons dug every inch of the tend but could not find anything.

As the field was well ploughed some old man advised them to sow wheat in that. They had a very good crop. By selling the wheat they got a lot of money. Now they understood what their father meant. It was really the hidden treasure. From that day they worked hard and lived a happy life.


No pains, no gains.