The Hen That Laid Golden Eggs – Short Story


In olden days there was a farmer. He owned a wonderful hen that laid a golden egg every day. He was extremely happy.

But after some time only one egg could not satisfy his greed. It was a slow process to get only one egg after every twenty four hours.

So he said to himself, “‘One egg a day. It will take long to be rich.” He grew so impatient that he wanted to get all the egg at once. He made up his mind to put the hen to death and become rich in an over­night.


He killed the hen at once and cut open its belly. He began to look for the eggs but there was none to be found.

He saw that his hen was just like other hens. By his stupid act he lost even the egg he used to get every day. Thus the foolish fellow lost the hen that laid a golden egg daily.


As you sow, so shall you reap? Contentment is a great wealth.

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