A hare and tortoise were two great friends. The hare was very proud of his fast speed and often laughed at the tortoise slowness.

One day the hare challenged his friend to run a race. The tortoise’s accepted the challenge. They chose a distant tree as a winning post and the race began.

The hare got ahead of the tortoise as he was a fast runner and within minutes he was not visible When he had gone half the distance, he said to himself,” Why need I hurry ? The tortoise is far behind. Let me take rest under this tree.” So he lay down and soon fell fast asleep.

The tortoise came at his slow pace, found him asleep and peace­fully passed him. He reached the winning post and waited for his friend.


When the hare woke up, it was evening. He ran as fast as he could. But when he reached the place, he found, to his great dismay that the slow moving creature has already reached there. He felt greatly ashamed for having lost the race and promised never to make fun of ethers.


Slow and steady wins the race.