Story on The Fisherman and His Partner (Moral: Greed is a curse)


Once a king arranged a feast. He was fond of fish. Fish was not available. A fisherman brought a fish. The gatekeeper stopped him at the gate. The gatekeeper said. “I can allow you if you give me half of whatever you get”.

The fisherman agreed. The king was very happy to get the fish. He asked the price of the fish. The fisherman replied, “One hundred lashes on my bare back”. The king was shocked. But he ordered for it.

When the fisherman had got fifty lashes, he cried, “Stop, I have a partner in this business. Half of the profit will go to him. It is the gatekeeper”. The king understood the story. The gatekeeper got fifty lashes on his bare back. He was dismissed. The fisherman got a good reward.


Moral: Greed is a curse.

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