Hundred of years ago, there ruled a king over a vast and rich empire. Peace and prosperity reigned in his kingdom. His ministers were all wise and learned men. His chief ministers were the wisest of them all and he always gave sound advice to the king. The king’s prosperity was largely due to the Chief Minister’s advice.

One day, a question came to the king’s mind. The question ways, “which thing has the most power and strength”? He brooded over this problem for a long time, yet did not get the answer. At last, he summoned his Chief Minister and put the question before him.

The Chief Minister at once replied, “Maharaja, unity is the most powerful thing. There is great strength in unity”. He narrated to him a story to explain his point. The story goes on like this.

A black Cobra lived in the hollow of a tree. The tree was near a field. He was very ferocious and poisonous. He never hesitated to bite other creatures. Near his hole, there was a termite hill. Whenever, the termite came out, the Cobra would attack them and eat some of them.


One day, he decided to slighter through the tiny hole of the termite hill and eat more termites. However, his body could not squeeze through the tiny hole. The walls of the hole wounded his body. The termites saw him trying to enter their hole. They bit him. Somehow, he managed to escape and slither through the field to its other side. On that side of the field, there was an ant hole. The ants were at that time, out of their hole to collect food. The snake saw them and ate a few of them. When the other ants saw him, they decided to attack. Soon, they all united together and formed a large army and attacked the Cobra. The united ants were able to kill the huge snake.

The king heard the chief Minister’s story and understood that unity has great strength. The chief Minister further told him that great is the country whose people remain united. If people fight among themselves, the country does not prosper and its enemies get a chance to attack and defeat it. A king’s happiness depends upon the prosperity of his subjects and kingdom. Therefore, it is the duty of the king to keep his People united.