The word confusion sometimes makes you spin your head and lose everything. Sometimes it brings you a new idea and gets you on right path.

As I grow older, I have more and more responsibilities and obligations to myself and my dear ones.

Basically I have had a very simple family background that they (my parents) themselves are struggling for their day to day life happening. As I talk to my parents, I get to know that they are still not in a good financial status.

One of the major reasons why I was sent to India was just to relieve their financial burden an extra belly in a family with limited means of livelihood.


Honestly, sometimes I feel that I am nowhere fit in this world. I am like a good guy that lost in a crowd with oh yes I think that I remember that guy but…..Even though I go to work regularly reading a lots about business and idea, a part of me is like where I am now.

Obviously a guy getting close to 30 years old needs to have a decent job and a woman of his taste. Here I am like parachute hanging on the tree. My close and dear ones are worried about my future and a woman that partner with me. They try to hook me up with a desi gal in abroad, so that I have more comfortable life rather than working hard in India with little here and there.

However I am still like I don’t know about marriage and need some more times to think. It’s odd times for me. Hopefully that confused mind won’t drain my energy and loose temper. Our, believes totally depend on our everyday attitude. Reading and writing stuffs may help me to get on celebration.



Yash Tenz