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A Confused Mind

The word confusion sometimes makes you spin your head and lose everything. Sometimes it brings you a new idea and gets you on right path.

The Donkey and the Load of Salt– Short Story

Long ago there lived a merchant. He used to deal in salt. He had a donkey to carry load. He used to sell his salt loaded on the donkey. He had to cross a stream to go to other village.

The Lost Camel– Short Story

Once two merchants lost a camel. They met a traveller and asked him if he had seen it. The man replied he had not.” But was your camel blind in the right eye?” Said he to them.

Going To Law– Short Story

Once two cats, one white and one black, quarreled, over a large piece of cake. The white cat said that she had seen the cake first and so it was hers. The black cat refused to allow her claim and pretended to scratch her.

Half of the Profit– Short Story

A rich man wanted to give a great feast to his friends. He got all kinds of dishes prepared but he could not get fish. He offered a reward to the man who would bring it.

The Milk Maid– Short Story

A milk maid was carrying a pail of milk on her head and was to market to sell it. As she went along she fell into day dreaming.

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