Why man is considered as a social animal?


The Greek philosopher Aristotle said that “Man is a social animal”. He also asserted that he who does not need a society or is above society is either a beast or a god.

Man cannot live all alone, in isolation. It is a social fact that we live with others, or have to live with others. Man’s development-biological, social, intellectual and moral-depends on the help he seeks from others, and that is precisely what makes man a social animal. Numerous factors are responsible for our living in society. Some of them are:

(a) Human nature Man cannot lead a solitary life. Even if he is forced to live, it proves to be the greatest punishment for him.


(b) Human instincts they only find expression in a society. They are demon­strated only in a group. Love, anger, sympathy, hatred and the like are our instincts which require association or presence of others.

(c) For the satisfaction of his basic needs, man has to live in a group. Basic requirements of food, clothing and shelter are fulfilled with mutual co­operation and help. A solitary person cannot satisfy his needs.

(d) For reasons of security, preservation and protection, human beings live together. Man requires security from animals, robbers, bad weather and natural calamities.

(e) Our moral development largely depends on others. We learn moral quali­ties only in company of other individuals. The desire to help, share and cooperate can only be instilled in a group.


(f) For the growth of civilization and culture, it is essential that human beings constantly live together.

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