What measures do you suggest for the eradication of untouchability in Rural India?


Since untouchability is a course for humanity, a root cause for the backwardness of the Hindu Society and a serious problem of national integration; therefore, we suggest the following measures for the eradication of this evil.

1) Spread of Education:

Education is the best method for the untouchability eradication. Therefore, it should be spread among the untouchable castes. Moreover, and arrangement should be made by the government. For the spread of general as well as technical education among Harijan students, special inducements in the form of scholarships, free hostel accommodation books, stationery etc should be provided to untouchable students to attract more and more towards education. Education should be free and compulsory in this context.


2) Economic facilities:

The economic condition of the untouchable castes still continues to be miserable. Harijan upliftment would remain a pious hope as long as their economic position remains unchanged. Hence, they should be given vocational training in various crafts and technical skills and financially be assisted to start small cottage industries of their own economic backwardness of Harijans can only be removed with opportunities for gainful employment and improvement in social status, provision of land irrigation facilities; supply of bullock, agricultural implement; seeds and manures; development of rural cottage industries; development of communication co-operative societies etc will go a long way in improving their economic positions.

Thus, for the eradication of untouchability, all economic facilities should be provided to the people who belonging to untouchable castes.

3) Housing facilities:


Harijans, at present mostly like in the worst type of strums and segregated from the residential areas of the higher castes. Bad housing conditions not only affect their health but also affect their morality. Therefore the Harijan should be given ample housing facilities so that they develop their living conditions.

The Government while improving the housing conditions should provides new houses to the houseless Harijan. Besides, maximum financial assistance also provided to them for repairing of old and worst type of house.

4) Employment facilities:

For improvement of the standard of living of Harijans and other backward classes, Government should provide as much employment facilities as possible to them. Along with Government services, reservation of vacancies for Harijan should be made in all industrial enterprises and private sectors.


5) Emancipation for Dirty Occupation:

Harijans at present mostly engage in various dirty occupations. It is true that one engaged in some dirty and worst type of occupations, appear unclean to other. It also deteriorates his personality. Therefore, efforts should be made in all levels to emancipate them from dirty occupations as far as possible.

6) Abolition of Caste System:

Caste System is the root cause of the origin of untouchability. Therefore, the abolition of Caste System is very essential for the eradication of untouchability. Under Caste System, the untouchable are leading their lives just like animals it creates inequality among the members of higher and lower castes. Hence for the removal of untouchability, caste system should be abolished.


7) Encouragement to inter Caste Marriage:

It is a very effective means for the eradication on untouchabilty by inter caste marriages, not only two persons of different castes but their families too shall be united to destroy age old prejudices it should be the policy of Government to give all types of facilities to those who have married out of their own caste. Hence, for the removal of untouchability, inter caste marriages, especially between the higher castes and the untouchables castes should be encouraged by all possible means.

8) Propaganda against Untouchability:

For the eradication of untouchability, propaganda should be relentlessly directed by he Government and other social organisations against this evil through the mass media communications like radio, telephone, press, television, newspaper, platform and so on. All educational institutions also work in this direction. As a consequence the feeling of untouchability find no place in the minds of people and in automatically eradicated.

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